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"Uncompromising classical chambermusic"

Esbjerg Ensemble performs classical chamber music with an uncompromising sense of quality, and is recognised for its innovative and versatile programming. The ensemble currently consists of ten passionate, expressive musicians from the four corners of the globe, all especially selected for their unique qualities. The ensemble has set the standard for chamber music in Denmark and has had an immense influence on the entire cultural scene in our region as well as throughout Denmark. Its mission then was the same as it is today: to perform classical chamber music at the highest level.



Portræt af Michel Camille med en bratsch foran sig
Portræt af Esbjerg Ensembles trommeslager Christian Martinez trommestikker svævende omkring ham
Portræt af Esbjerg Ensembles fløjtenist Kerstin Thiele
Portræt af Esbjerg Ensembles klarinettist Ron Chen-Zion
Portræt af Esbjerg Ensembles hornspiller Joke Wijma
Portræt af Esbjerg Ensembles fagottist Antti Salovaara


Esbjerg Ensemble is the core of classical chamber music in its region and for its region both nationally and internationally. Esbjerg Ensemble is known to be an artistically dynamic and flexible mediator of the familiar as well as the non-familiar cultural heritage, contemporary music and experimental co-existing genres for a large and a wide range in audience.

Esbjerg Ensemble is the driving force locally by co-operating in joint concerts at high standards and is also known to be the role model reaching out of its immediate environments with its uncompromising and open minded artistic activities


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