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Nordlichter Festival is an exciting platform for Nordic music in Berlin. The main event of the festival is “Nordische Nacht” which takes place on Saturday 27th April in Radial System V. The theme for the evening is “Back to the Roots” At this evening Esbjerg Ensemble along with artists, composers and Ensembles from Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, will find back to the roots of the Nordic music and will be drawing lines until the present.

In addition to the concert Saturday, April 27, the Esbjerg Ensemble also play in private appartments in Berlin Friday, 26 April. The title of this event is “Sounding Apartments Berlin”

Besides Esbjerg Ensemble, the following artists also will be playing at the Nordlichter 13′

Ensembles:  Ensemble Adapter, Germany/Island – Heinavanker Vokalensemble, Estonia

Artists: Maret Alango (Alt) Estonia – Andreas Bennetzen Denmark – Rachel Bullen (oboe) Australia – Etienne Boudreault (bassoon) Canada – Michel Camil (viola) United Kingdom – Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir (harp) Iceland – Matthias Engler (percussion) Germany – Ilona Ernes (soprano) Estonia – Carsten Bo Eriksen (sound, special guest) Denmark – Jürgen Grözinger (DJ-Set/Percussion) Germany – Frode Haltli (accordion) Norway – Ejnar Kanding (composition) Denmark – Tõnis Kaumann (baritone) Estonia – Taniel Kirikal (baritone) Estonia – Margo Kõlar (tenor) Estonia – Vambola Krigul (bass) Estonia – Gjermund Larsen (fiddle / violin) Norway – Christian Martinez (percussion) Colombia – Anto Õnnis (tenor) Estonia – Franz Ortner (cello) Austria – Sini Simonen (violin) Finland – Kerstin Thiele (flute) Sweden / Denmark – Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson (bass clarinet) Iceland – Andreas Voss (cello) Germany – Joke Wijma (horn) Netherlands – Ron Chen-Zion (clarinet) Israel

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